Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton

Medical Licenses Revoked

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Dr. Kelly Sutton practiced medicine for five decades with no board or hospital complaints, and no malpractice judgments. The Medical Board of California revoked her California medical license March 25, 2022, for writing eight vaccine medical exemptions for school children; Dr. Sutton is challenging this revocation in court.  On July 13, 2023, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine revoked her Massachusetts medical license based on one fact: her California license was revoked. This is called ‘reciprocal discipline.’ There were no patient injuries or patient complaints in either California or Massachusetts. Now, the New York medical board has set a date for Sept 7th for a proceeding against her, applying reciprocal discipline, despite her New York license having been inactive for almost forty years and despite the fact she never practiced in the state.  The Wall Street Journal and Children's Health Defense have chronicled Dr. Sutton's case, the articles are linked below.

Dr. Sutton is not unique. A growing number of physicians who read scientific literature for themselves, and individualize patient treatment based on that reading, are being investigated and disciplined for treating their patients as individuals. The professional and government narrative today is pushing doctors to treat and advise patients without any consideration of their unique medical needs, most notably for Covid-19 cases and for all vaccinations. Only the health recommendations of the government and establishment medicine should be followed. Remarkably, doctors who deviate from ethical and legal behavior in the practice of medicine –  such as sexual aggression, financial fraud, poor quality care with deadly outcome – most often do not face license revocation; patient advocate groups have been formed to plead for victims of these doctors.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) are private advocacy organizations, without accountability to voters or governments. Their work is primarily invisible to the doctors they regulate, and communications with them do not appear in a doctor's routine medical board file.  One has to ask why such significant power (i.e., controlling professional licensure) is separate from the people, and why its actions are kept out of the view of the doctor whose file the information resides in. Certainly doctors are not knowledgeable about these strings pulling their licenses until it becomes necessary, at a time of investigation.

Dr. Sutton has always been a pioneer in the field of medicine, being one of only 10 women in her medical school class.  Her approach to medical care exemplifies the true nature of healing; the art of combining science and learned knowledge, with experience and expertise to successfully care for thousands of patients.

Dr. Sutton continues to be committed to the well-being of not just her patients, but all patients.  While she could easily retire, she has chosen to engage in the most important civil rights fight of our time.

  • Her case is a fight for patients having the right to medical autonomy and medical sovereignty.
  • Her case is a fight for patients' rights to choose what medical interventions are best suited for them without being criminalized.
  • Her case is a fight for patients to have access to all information necessary to make informed decisions and for physicians to be able to advise patients based on their expertise and knowledge without political bias and undue government interference.
  • Her case is a fight for fundamental constitutional rights and the ability to speak freely and openly without fear or threat of government harassment.
  • Her case against the Medical Board of California (MBC) will impact who gets to decide what is best for your health, you and your physician, or government agencies with explicit political agendas.
  • Her case is a valiant effort to stand up against the egregious government overreach of power that aims to dictate medical decisions based on government interests by putting patients last.

Dr. Sutton is fighting, not to save her career, but to save the future of medicine and the health of patients everywhere.

We ask you to stand with Dr. Sutton and stand up for your medical rights.  Legal battles are as costly as they are critical.  Please join PPRM in supporting Dr. Sutton, and physicians like her, by making a tax deductible donation to their legal efforts and help safeguard your medical rights.

Dr. Sutton holds a doctor of medicine degree from the University of Missouri School of Medicine and is the leader of a private membership health education group.

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