Dr. Mary Kelly Sutton

Medical Doctor

I was born in Kansas City, MO, and graduated from University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1971. I received certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine in 1974, and completed part of Pediatrics residency training. From early on, patients who were obviously intelligent, told me about things I had not learned in medical school, such as nutrition, faith-healing, radionics, homeopathy, colonics. My expanded education began! When I met anthroposophic medicine (my two sons attended Waldorf school),
the conventional and holistic medicine coalesced with a philosophy that carried the picture of the human being as spirit, soul, life force, and physical body. My integrative medical practice in California spanned the years of successively more restrictions on childhood vaccine choice. I wrote vaccine medical exemptions in accordance with SB 277, from 2015- 2019. The Medical Board of California revoked my medical license in 2022 following review of eight medical exemptions I wrote. I am appealing their decision. MBC claims I cannot use ‘Doctor’ or ‘MD’ in the state of California, despite the degree being awarded by my medical school. Currently, I practice telehealth medicine from my home in Massachusetts
and offer health education in other states. PPRM leads the way to the practice of medicine which truly serves patients. My goal, and the goal of most doctors, is to help patients, not serve the state.

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